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DAS Products & Availability Stock availability Stocks of all goods on offer are limited. DAS shall take all reasonable efforts to ensure that when stock is no longer available, that offers thereof are discontinued. However, should DAS be unable to fulfil any order placed by you at the advertised price due to stock having sold out, DAS will notify you and you will be entitled to a refund of the amount paid by you for such product, as explained in more detail in the Refund Policy (“Refund Policy”) Errors Please note that although DAS endeavours to accurately describe and/or depict each product on the Website, some descriptions or photographs may be of a generic nature and not specific to the particular product you wish to buy. However, should you be dissatisfied with the product you receive for any reason, you are entitled to return the product to DAS for a full refund within 7 days of delivery. Please see our Refund Policy in this regard (which explains how and when you can be refunded, as well as how returns are to be made). Agreements of Sale Placing a product in a shopping basket without completing the purchase cycle does not:

  • constitute an agreement of sale; and/or
  • constitute an order for such product,

and as such, DAS may remove such product from the shopping basket if stock becomes unavailable and you cannot hold DAS liable if such product is not available when the purchase cycle is completed at a later stage. An agreement of sale only comes into effect if and when:

  • you electronically submit a properly completed order for one or more products in your shopping basket; and
  • payment is either authorised, or received by DAS in its bank account

Termination of Sales & Cancellation of Orders

  • By DAS: DAS reserves the right, for purposes of preventing suspected fraud , to refuse to accept or process payment on any order, and/or to cancel any sale concluded between you and DAS, in whole or in part, on notice to you. DAS shall only be liable to refund monies already paid by you (see DAS’s Refund Policy in this regard), and accepts no other liability which may arise as a result of such refusal to process any order/sale.
  • By You: Save for certain exceptions, and subject to certain charges you are entitled to cancel any sale concluded on this Website within 7 days after date of delivery of the goods and to obtain a refund. You may also cancel a sale where delivery is delayed beyond the stipulated delivery date/timeframe (or where none is specified, beyond 30 days from the order date). Please read the Refund Policy for further details in this regard.

Amounts payable by You Prices The price of each product is displayed with the product listing. In the event of a sale or special offer, the discounted price is displayed. Delivery Costs These differ depending on a variety of factors, including but not limited to product type, price, and weight. Due the fact import duties may apply to goods sold to foreign countries, DAS does not deliver outside the borders of South Africa. Value Added Tax Value added tax at the rate of 14% is charged. Errors DAS shall take all reasonable efforts to accurately indicate prices and delivery charges. However, should products be erroneously offered at incorrect prices and/or delivery charges, DAS will not be obliged to sell products at such incorrect prices and/or delivery charges, but shall refund monies paid by you should you not wish to proceed with the purchase at the correct price and/or delivery charge. Payment Methods Subject to the exceptions listed below, your payment for any products ordered from DAS must be made to DAS’s bank account in any one of the following ways: Credit /Debit card payments At the time of placing the order, the transaction details are presented to the bank and payment is collected immediately. If bank’s authorisation is not obtained, the order will be cancelled. DAS may carry out certain fraud checks with the cardholder or the cardholder’s bank, should DAS be unable to verify the validity of the transaction the order will be cancelled. Deliveries Where we deliver DAS delivers to addresses within the borders of South Africa. Delivery Periods Important things to note generally:

  • Delivery periods are only regarded as having commenced upon payment confirmation being received by DAS. If paying with a specific credit card for the first time on the Website, or if DAS regards the transaction to be large and/or unusual, DAS may carry out certain fraud checks with the cardholder’s bank and the delivery period shall only be regarded as having commenced upon completion of such checks.
  • Delivery periods are calculated based on business days only. Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays are not taken into account in calculating delivery periods. So, for eg, if you order something over the weekend, the delivery period will only start running on the next business day.
  • DAS makes every effort to ensure that the information supplied on the Website is accurate. Where delays and out of stock situations occur, every reasonable effort will be made to inform the Purchaser.

Returns Policy

1. Refunds 1.1 NON-DEFECTIVE PRODUCTS – YOUR RIGHTS TO A ‘COOL OFF’ PERIOD Save for certain exceptional cases (as listed below), you are entitled to cancel any purchase made via this Website within 7 days after your receipt of the product and to obtain a full purchase price refund, subject to being charged by the DAS for the return of the product (which must occur by following the returns procedure set out in the ‘Arranging Returns’ section below). Note that although you are entitled to ‘cool off’ and cancel your purchase as aforesaid, you must return the product in the condition you received it. EXCEPTIONS The ability to cancel purchases of non-defective products as set out above will NOT apply in respect of the following instances:

  • After 7 days after delivery have passed.
  • If the product is not in a re-sellable state.
  • If the product/s were damaged after delivery.

NOTE: A R100 shipping & handling charge is applicable to non-defective returns. 1.2 LATE DELIVERY If a product purchased is not delivered within the agreed delivery period, or where no specific period was agreed, within 30 days after having purchased the Product, the ECT Act entitles you to cancel such sale on 7 days notice to the DAS. Should a product purchased be unavailable, DAS will notify you and issue a full refund within 30 days after such notice. 2. Refunds on purchases 2.1 EARLY CANCELLATIONS – PENALTY FREE* You are entitled to cancel (either in whole or in part) any sale without attracting any cancellation and/or administration charges if you cancel prior to the packaging and/or shipping of the products so sold. Such early cancellations can only be effected by emailing sales@fergo.co.za and receiving confirmation of the same by return email.. * If timeously cancelled as aforesaid, you will be fully refunded in respect of such cancelled sale (including delivery charges), without any administrative or other charges being payable; provided that, should a sale only be partially cancelled and delivery charges as re-calculated on the value of the revised order exceed the delivery charges as calculated on the original order, you shall be liable for the amount of such excess delivery charges. 2.2 DEFECTIVE / DAMAGED / UNSUITABLE PRODUCTS GENERAL RULE If, within 6 months after delivery of a product to you,you find that the product is defective/faulty, unsuitable for the purpose for which it was indicated in the product description (or otherwise generally intended), not legal, or not reasonably durable (based on circumstances and product type) (hereinafter referred to as being “Defective”); and you arrange to return such product to DAS for inspection in the manner described in the ‘Arranging Returns’ section below (being the ONLY manner in which returns will be accepted) and the product is subsequently found -

  • to indeed be defective, you are entitled to either (a) have the product repaired or replaced at DAS’s expense, or (b) be fully refunded;
  • NOT to be defective, you will be liable for the costs incurred in having such product returned to DAS and then re-delivered to you.

WHEN IS A PRODUCT ‘DEFECTIVE’? Please note that the following issues/problems will NOT render the product defective as aforesaid and will not entitle you to any repair, replacement or refund:

  • faults resulting from normal wear and tear;
  • where you, or someone unauthorised to do so by yourself, has altered or damaged the product. IMPORTANT: you should refuse to accept delivery of any product which is visibly damaged, and if you only discover the damage after the courier has left (e.g. a cracked panel), then you must report it to DAS as soon as possible and within 48 hours. If only reported after 48 hours, it is reasonable for DAS or its suppliers to determine that the damage was caused post delivery;


  • Special Offers: If the product was ordered as part of a “Special Offer” and such product is no longer being offered at the special price, should you elect to have the product repaired or replaced (as opposed to being refunded), DAS will only be able to repair, not replace same.

2.3 NON-DEFECTIVE PRODUCTS Products which are NOT defective, damaged or unsuitable as discussed above, but which you want to return for whatever reason, can be returned within 7 days from delivery, as explained above under ‘Non-Defective Products – your right to ‘Cool Off’. by following the returns procedure set out in ‘Arranging Returns’ below. NOTE: If you wish to return any non-defective product delivered to you for a refund as aforesaid, please do not remove the product from its original packaging and/or use the Product. Remember that DAS may hold you liable for any damage you cause to the product (including its packaging) while in your possession. Incorrect Product: If the incorrect Product is delivered to you by mistake (ie it is not the Product you purchased), please do not remove the Product from its original packaging, open or use the Product in any way. Please promptly contact the DAS call centre at 0860 103 385 to notify DAS thereof, so that we can resolve the mistake by arranging to collect such Product from you and deliver the correct product to you, as quickly as possible. NOTE: A R100 shipping & handling charge is applicable to non-defective returns. 2.4 ARRANGING RETURNS If you want to return a product you have purchased from DAS for any reason permitted under this Refund Policy, you must in all instances first notify DAS thereof to inform us of the reason for your return by contacting us via either:

Once you have successfully logged your return as aforesaid, DAS will issue you with a ‘returns authorisation note’ and arrange for the collection of the product from you. You must ensure that the Product to be collected by the courier is packed so as to comply with the following:

  • the Product is properly protected;
  • save where being returned due to being Defective, the Product is still in its original packaging, together with all accessories, instructions and documentation (if any), and in perfect condition for the purposes of resale (ie the product must not be damaged, scratched or soiled); and
  • aforesaid ‘returns authorisation note’ is accurately reflected on the courier’s collection slip.


  • DAS is not able to accept the return of any products which have not gone through the above process and/or are not accompanied by a valid ‘returns authorisation note’. Products returned without a valid ‘returns authorisation note’ will not have been validly returned and may be sent back to you at your expense.
  • Please treat products and packaging with reasonable care while in your possession. Nothing herein detracts from any right DAS may have to hold you liable for any damage you cause to a product (including its packaging) while in your possession.

2.5 PROCESSING OF REFUNDS Should you be entitled to a refund for any reason, such refund shall – a) in the case of payment having been made by credit card, be effected on the credit card account as the case may be, provided that if you are refunded on a credit card in respect of only a portion of any order placed by you, then any subsequent refunds processed in respect of that order will be credited to your nominated bank account. b) in the case of payment having been made by Electronic Fund Transfer, be effected on your nominated bank account. DAS will not pay funds into a third party bank account. As refunds need to be processed by the banks, please note that the processing of refunds can take up to 5 working days from approval date

Privacy Policy

DAS will never spam you or give your personal data to anyone else. You can read our privacy policy detailed below. Don't worry, your private information is safe with us. We take our customers privacy seriously and we will only collect and use your personal information as outlined below. We shall take all reasonable steps to protect your personal information. For the purpose of this clause, "personal information" shall be defined as detailed in the Promotion of Access to Information Act 2 of 2000 (PAIA). Personal information collected DAS does not sell, share or trade customer’s personal information collected online with third parties. Personal information collected online will only be disclosed within our corporate group for internal use only. Collection of Personal Information When you create an account the personal information we collect may include your:

  • - Name and Surname
  • - Delivery Address
  • - Email Address
  • - Telephone Number
  • - Mobile Number
  • - Date of Birth
  • - Gender
  • - ID number / passport number; and
  • - Non-personal browsing habits and click patterns

The personal information we collect from you will be used in some or all of the following ways:

  • - To deliver the products you have purchased from DAS
  • - To update you on the delivery of the product and for customer support purposes
  • - To provide you with relevant product information

When you register as a user on DAS’S website, we will also use your personal information to send you marketing and/or promotional materials from time to time. You can unsubscribe from marketing information at anytime by using the unsubscribe function within the electronic marketing material. Updating Your Personal Information You can update your personal information anytime by accessing your account on DAS’S website. Security of Your Personal Information DAS ensures that all information collected will be safely and securely stored. We protect your personal information by:

  • - Restricting access to personal information
  • - Maintaining technology products to prevent unauthorised computer access
  • - Securely destroying your personal information when it's no longer needed for our record retention purposes

DAS uses 128 - bit SSL (secure sockets layer through www.paygate.co.za) encryption technology when processing your financial details. 128-bit SSL encryption is approximated to take at least one trillion years to break, and is the industry standard. Disclosure of Personal Information We will not share your information with any other organisations other than related companies and those third parties directly related to the delivery of the products you have purchased from DAS’S website. In exceptional circumstances DAS may be required to disclose personal information, such as when there are grounds to believe that the disclosure is necessary to prevent a threat to life or health, or for law enforcement purposes. DAS is committed to complying with the Promotion of Access to Information Act 2 of 2000 and its principles. If you believe that your privacy has been breached by DAS please contact us at owen@fergo.co.za and we will resolve the issue. Collection of Computer Data When you visit DAS, our company servers will automatically record information that your browser sends whenever you visit a website. This data may include:

  • - Your computer's IP address
  • - Browser type
  • - Webpage you were visiting before you came to our site
  • - The pages with DAS you visit
  • - The time spent on those pages, items and information searched for on our site, access times and dates, and other statistics.

This information is collected for analysis and evaluation in order to help us improve our site and the services and products we provide. This data will not be used in association with any other personal information. Changes to the Privacy Policy DAS reserves the right to modify and change the Privacy Policy at any time. Any changes to this policy will be published on our site. Complaints about breaches of privacy If you are not satisfied with the way in which we handle your enquiry or complaint, please don't hesitate to contact us at owen@fergo.co.za


When PayGate processes a transaction for you via any of our secure payment web services, the transaction is encrypted. We make use of the latest SSL encryption which encrypts all data sent from the browser to PayGate in such a way that only our servers can read it. The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), is the world standard for secure data transmission over the Internet. SSL uses authentication and encryption technology developed by RSA Data Security Inc. All the mainstream Web browsers support SSL. HOW TO CHECK YOUR BROWSER SECURITY If you look at the location (URL) field at the top of the browser you will see it begins with https: instead of the normal http: This means that you are in secure (SSL) mode. You can also verify the security of a document by examining the security icon at the bottom-right hand corner of your browser. (Usually a lock and key padlock or a solid gold key depending on your browser and version). This is your assurance that your browser and our server are communicating securely. All information transmitted on our secure servers is encrypted while in transit, so that even if the information is intercepted it is useless to anyone.

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