Uses for Wall Panels

Wooden wall panels were hot in the 60s and 70s. As with everything in fashion and décor, trends always stage a comeback at some point. Love the idea of using wall panels, but not sure where or how to get it right in your own home without looking like a too-brown retro disaster? We took a look on the web and gathered all the best inspiration to get you started.

Whether it’s adding the texture and warmth of wood in your bedroom (without adding more furniture), or separating two different areas in the living room, using wooden wall panels can make any room inviting and visually pleasing no what matter the décor scheme – traditional, eclectic, vintage or minimalist – that’s the beauty of their versatility.

  • Use wooden wall panels in open plan living areas.

The brightness of white walls can be offset by an accent piece created with wall panelling. Create a central accent piece in your living room with wooden wall panels, behind your TV stand to draw your attention upward, creating the illusion of a grand entertainment centre – it’s easy to make your regular, minimalist TV stand seem far larger than it is.   Wooden panels can also be used to separate sections in your living space and can help to bring together areas that serve different purposes in your house.

  • Use wooden wall panels instead of paint:

Can’t decide on a paint colour for your bedroom wall? Go for wall panels instead. Bring the warmth of wood into your bedroom and create a spiritual sanctuary for sleep. These wooden wall panels are easy enough for any DIY enthusiast to install – which means you won’t have to endure painters in your bedroom or the hassle of painting your walls yourself. The gorgeous rich tones of wood are totally complementary of any bedroom colour/texture scheme.

  • Use wooden wall panels to add depth to a small room:

Contrary to the (mis)conception that small rooms should only ever be painted white in order to appear larger, adding wooden wall panels actually adds depth and makes the room appear far bigger than it really is. Let’s face it – white walls can be totally drab – so don’t shy away from bold, wood-clad walls!

  • Use wooden wall panels to change the feel of any room:

Add a vintage feel by adorning your walls with this whitewashed-look panel. Carry it through on the ceiling as well, to intensify the feel. Use mahogany in a rich, dramatic scheme with striking effect, or create a glowing contrast with whites and brights.

  • Use wooden wall panels instead of tiles:

Got a bar or kitchen counter you’re looking to makeover? Give it a fresh look with warm wooden wall panels instead of cold tiles. Want to re-do the kitchen walls? Use wooden wall panels instead of (or mixed with) tiles for varied texture. Don’t want to commit to an entire wall? You could do a border - either at ceiling or floor level - of wooden wall panels to create a contrasting finish to your wall or ceiling.

Whatever you choose to do with wooden wall panelling, it’s easy to do it yourself. Using wall panels is a cost-effective way to update the look of your home, without needing to hire a handyman or painter. Wall panels are easy to clean - much easier than cleaning painted walls! This wall cladding also helps provide insulation for both temperature and noise. Wooden wall panels are also removable, making this the perfect solution for personalising that rental townhouse!

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I love wall panels. They create that warm feeling or texture in the room.

Thanks for your feedback! Dont forget to add your email address if you want to stand a chance of winning those Decorex tickets! ;)

I would use the wall panels to add interest to the outside entertainment area/bar that we are busy building. It would create a great feature wall and talking point :)


What an awesome product! Hope I get to come and experience it at the Decorex in Durban!!

Oops, forgot my e-mail address -

My place could do with a revamp, recently moved in so its still a bit dull.
My email address is: mkhize.nothiles@gmail

I'd make a wall feature in my living room.


I know I could do many different things with wall panels in my house. but I think a border would look stunning and unify the house!

I have a wall that was wood panelled in the 60's but because of a bad leak, the panelling rotted. The leak is now fixed and it would be absolutely to replace with new wood panelled. It will give the room the rejuventation that it needs.

I would love to use these wall panels to create a feature wall in my lounge <3 They are gorgeous and so different! Will certainly be a focal point and discussion piece in any room!

I would love to use these wall panels in my room because it would make it feel so unique and special! A place that I would really love to spend time in!

If you could put some vava voom in my moms kitchen and dinning room, I love the kitchen but its very small, please make it look bright and big and  maybe put a wall that separates them, so that when I am in the kitchen no one sees what I am doing. My email address is Thank You Ndiyabulela Dankie

See you at the show to chat about using the panels in a bathroom. Thanks Amelia.

I'd definitely use the panels in my bedroom(headboard side) just to bring that warm feeling in the bedroom.

Hi there, I would use wall panels to decorate my entertainment room and give it some edge!

I would definitely use these panels on the walls of a sunken lounge or even as alternate backs for a multi-pigeon holed shelf against a wall. The contrast of texture would look great peeking through the shelves. The panels would also look awesome if used as the panelling of teh front of a counter or bar. :D

Hi , I am renovating at the moment ,new ideas , new styles
Will make a difference on my home . I am also adding a room for my grandson .

Hi Manjoo, Thanks for your feedback! Dont forget to add your email address if you want to stand a chance of winning those Decorex tickets! ;)

What is there not to do with "Wall Panels"?! Wherever you put them they just magically beautify the area. luv luv luv!!! But if I had to choose, then I would definitely love to make a feature wall in my lounge with the Wenge wooden Wall Panels... My email address is

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