Introduction to the world of cornices (Part II)

Here comes the boast: DAS is South Africa’s largest manufacturer and distributer of decorative polystyrene cornices! We work hard to produce quality cornices that will add a professional finish and flair to any room.

Installing your DIY cornice

Once you’ve chosen the cornice that best suits your room based on size and design (see An introduction to the world of cornices if you missed this discussion), what does the home DIYer need to know about installing the mouldings?

The happy answer: not much! First of all, our polystyrene cornices are lightweight to make installation easy. And DAS has all the tools you will need, from our 2-in-1 adhesive cartridges which are environmentally friendly, paintable, and made from water-based acrylic, to our DIY Toolbox which includes a “How-To” CD so that there is no possible way the newbie will have to resort to guesswork!

We should mention that our cornices can be painted, so white is not your only option. A white cornice against a non-white wall will stand out, particularly if the wall is a rich colour, so ask yourself: do I want that? If you’d prefer it to blend in, paint it the same colour as the wall and/or ceiling.

If you do decide you want the cornice to be a different colour, remember that it would be easiest to paint it before installation.

Our range of cornices

As promised in our last blog post, we now chat about our remaining cornice styles, which we’ve divided up into classical cornices and lyrical cornices (although these are subjective groupings). Note that all the cornices listed can be fitted over a standard 75 mm cornice.

Our classical cornices

The Classic cornice is just what its name suggests: a classically inspired cornice that lends an easy elegance to any room.

The Grecian cornice has a fairly commanding presence. It’s not large, and so does its best work in standard- or low-ceilinged rooms.

While more understated than its cousin the Grecian cornice, the Colonial cornice still offers a degree of panache to any room.

The Venetian cornice is an incredibly sophisticated design and would suit a normal- or low-ceilinged room.

The Ivory cornice is intricate and a real showstopper. 

Our lyrical cornices

The Royal Albert is a large cornice with a stylish raised leaf pattern repeated across a bold face. It works really well in old, high-ceilinged rooms with traditional or even antique furniture.

The Royal Elizabeth is also a large cornice, one that has a smart, raised floral pattern repeated across a narrow band. Because of its size and detail it has quite a commanding presence and is best reserved for larger, taller rooms.

The S005 cornice follows a simple, flowing design that aims to give a soft but stylish finish to any room.

The S006 is a real original! It’s a large cornice, with a beautiful asymmetric pattern. We don’t know about you, but we just love it! 

If you’re still unsure which cornice to choose and would like some advice, please feel free to contact us and we’ll happily guide you through your first steps into the world of cornicing!

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