Décor inspiration from around the world

One of the great things about travel is seeing how differently people live around the world. But not all of us have the time and means to do so, or not as often as we’d like, so one of the great things about the internet is that we can now ‘travel’ all the time even while at home; going online we can have a glimpse into the lives of others, seeing how they organise, live in and choose to decorate their homes. We’re exposed to so much, enabling us to borrow the best from all over and incorporate what we like into our own lives.

So let’s take a visual tour of some homes from around the world, and perhaps you’ll find inspiration for your next décor move from an unlikely place…

Modern Scandinavian apartment

Interior designer: Denis Krasikov

The Scandinavians are a big player in décor today, and we can see why. This loft has an effortless class about it, managing to look stylish and lived in at the same time.

French country kitchen

Interior by French kitchen maker Mobalpa

When speaking of French décor one’s mind generally goes straight to the ornate opulence of the classic French look, but French country is a far cry from that. It’s still relatively ‘busy’, but in a much more relaxed way, and like all country interiors aims to be inviting, warm and comfortable.

Minimalist Taiwanese home

Image: HeyCheese

Minimalism is increasingly popular all around the world as people seek to simplify and declutter their lives in a world gone mad on consumerism.

Classic Italian bedroom

Designer: Florence-based firm Savio Firmino

Classic décor is meant to be restful and luxurious, and makes use of muted colours. Does this elegant interior speak to you?

Colonial style Argentinian bedroom

Decorator:  Sofía Figueroa Bunge

This colonial style bedroom has gone with the symmetry of classical décor but added modern artwork and floral prints to give it a fresher look.

Classy Chinese home

Image: tmall.com

Today Chinese interiors are incredibly diverse, embracing influences from all over. What do you think of this modern kitchen with its retro table and chairs?

Moroccan style living room

Designer: Mimar Interiors

Moroccan décor is inspired by the diverse peoples and cultures that have settled there, such as Berber, Arab and French. The decorative tiles you see here are a typical feature, as are arches and the use of colour.

Japanese child’s bedroom

Image: tmall.com

What do you think of this pared-down yet playfully decorated child’s bedroom?

Luxurious Russian home

St Petersburg apartment by Anton Valiev

The neutral palette used in this vanity area is typical of traditional interiors. Decorative mouldings like cornices and wainscoting are an integral element of achieving this look.

Traditional Italian kitchen

Kitchen designer: European Cabinets

We all know the Italians love their food, and kitchens are the heart of many of their homes, having plenty of space for both food preparation and conversation.

Sunlit South Korean home

Designer: Seoul-based Jung wook Han

This spacious living area makes maximum use of natural lighting by having large skylights. Are you getting enough natural light in your home?


*Featured image: Attic apartment in Paris (Image: Emile Garcin Properties)

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