Alternative uses of ceiling roses

Ceiling roses are traditionally placed at the centre of a ceiling to spruce up a light fitting. But creativity has no bounds and there are many alternative uses for these decorative features.

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In this post we introduce you to a handful of ideas that you could use to beautify your home ...


This clock by handcraft site Positively Splendid is a great example of using a ceiling rose to create a unique wall clock for your home. Cut out the inner portion of the ceiling rose so that the back of the clock can be accessed.

In the example below the ceiling rose has actually been turned into a clock itself, which is another very attractive option.

Wall decorations

So simple, yet so effective, why not paste a few varying ceiling roses on your wall for an original and tasteful feature? You could paint each one of them different colours, keep them all white, or paint them all the same colour as the wall. Let your instincts guide you as to the most creative colour choices as well as to the arrangement.

Image pinned by Donna Kincaid

In the arrangement showcased above, ceiling roses of differing styles and sizes have been arranged into a classy backdrop that complements the simple, muted style of the room.

Incidentally the top left ceiling rose in the image is almost identical in design to our 530 diameter ceiling rose.

We have many more renderings of this idea of using ceiling roses as wall decorations on our Pinterest board ‘Ceiling roses’. Click here to check it out for further ideas and inspiration.

A unique ceiling feature

This great look from Ideas magazine forgets the traditional concept of a ceiling rose being used to ornament a light fitting to instead create a unique feature with the help of paper flowers.

This would look charming in a girl’s bedroom. You could perhaps turn it into a weekend project with your daughter, crafting the flowers together out of paper or fabric, or you might want to simply use store-bought flowers and surprise her with a pretty ceiling decoration.

When gluing the rose to the ceiling, simply trap the end of the flower stems in, and you’re done. Easy as that.

This ceiling rose is similar to our 400 diameter ceiling rose.

Counter top decoration

Possibly the easiest of the all the ideas we’re suggesting is to mount a ceiling rose on a bookstand and let it complement your other ornaments and decorative whatnots, as shown above.

Our 400 diameter and 450 diameter would both work very well in this capacity.

Monogram decoration

Wouldn’t this look lovely above a child’s bed? Or perhaps you could make a wall arrangement of a few, each bearing the initial of a person in your family?

This ceiling rose has been papered to give it a slightly distressed look, which is a nice effect.

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We love this idea of taking a ceiling rose and replacing the inner recess with a mirror. It would make a classy feature just by the front door, where you can have a last-minute glace to ensure your face is ready to greet the world before stepping out of the door.

Can you think of any other innovative ways to use a ceiling rose in interior décor? Please share with us if you do – we’d love to hear from you! 



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